The Last Sunday After Trinity

Jeremiah 14.7–10, 19–22
2 Timothy 4.6–8, 16–18
Luke 18.9–14

A disciple’s tale:

He told another of his stories today. I love his stories – they were one of the things that made me decide to follow him, really. I just couldn’t bear to miss any of them. They’re really funny, and he sort of acts them out, so that you can see the different characters as he talks. They make you think, too. Sometimes, when you’re listening, you’re sure you’ve got the point, but hours later, or in the middle of the night, you suddenly realize that it could mean something else entirely. We’ve tried asking him to tell us what the stories mean. Just occasionally, he’ll tell us, but usually he just grins and says there’s no one meaning, and that different people will hear it differently...

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