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1 Working with schools
Part 1 RE Active Church practicalities

Why work with schools?

Mission has always been fundamental to who we are and what we do as church. The continued overall decline in average weekly attendance, however, has given the Church new challenges.

Many people in the UK today have little connection with the Church or real knowledge of the Christian story. In 2007, a British Sociological Association survey found that 45.7 per cent of the adult population had ‘no religion’, while Tearfund (April 2007) listed 33 per cent as ‘unchurched’, 33 per cent as ‘dechurched’, 15 per cent as attending church at least once a month and 10 per cent occasionally. Church clergy and congregations are ageing and attendance is forecast to fall by 55 per cent of the level in 1980 by 2020.

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