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How to Manipulate the Old Man in Order to Get Things Done
1 Kings 1:1-53

I have friends in Kyrgyzstan, where a few weeks ago there were protests against the president and the government on the part of the opposition party and its supporters, citing widespread government corruption and abuse of expense claims. My friends deemed it wise to stay home during the riots that followed; scores of people were killed. Eventually the protesters took over the security headquarters and the state television station; the president and his family left the country; and the former opposition set up a new government. In Britain there were scandals last year over similar matters, and these will be a factor in the way people vote in an election that happens tomorrow. Political corruption is also an issue in the United States. But at least in both contexts we have a system for changing the government every few years and in this way “punishing” politicians. While the system’s administration is subject to abuse and there can be controversy about the validity of an election’s results, neither country has had a coup lately...

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