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The Last Words of David
2 Samuel 23: 1- 38

Even when one makes allowance for the way it can pour, living in Southern California of course spoils you. My son and his family from England have just stayed with us for a week, and they laughed when I apologized that it wasn’t so warm. Indeed, this April it has rained several times. Last night a friend commented, “I know we are supposed to be glad when it rains, but I want to say, ‘Enough already!’” At the same time, the day after a rain the air is always clear, with the smog all washed away and the mountains looking pure, and in the spring we marvel at the green of the mountains and the wildflowers. You can’t have it both ways. (Well, you could have it both ways. God could make it rain only at night. Indeed, I was just reading that in Costa Rica the sun shines all morning, then it rains after lunch, then the sun comes out again later in the afternoon. But the fact that this is not so everywhere shows—as God points out in Job 38–39—that the world is not actually organized just for our benefit.)...

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