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How to Say a Lot in a Few Words
Psalm 117 & 118

I joined the faculty of my seminary in England at the time when it moved to a new campus in a different city, so the beginning of my first year was a big moment for the seminary, not just for me. As I walked onto the campus on that first morning, I remember singing “This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made.” As it happens, we are going to sing it as our opening hymn in church tomorrow, but the organist is concerned that it is too short. He’s probably right that there will hardly be time for the procession to get from the back of our little church and reach our places before the song is over, so I told him we will sing it twice. Or three times. The more interesting question is what we mean when we sing this song. Is Sunday the day that God made? Or does the song apply to every day? Or what?...

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