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I Can Be Wiser Than My Professor
Psalm 119:97-120

After my class on the Prophets last night, we invited the students back to our home for scones and tea, and during the conversation one of them asked what I enjoyed most about teaching. My response was that I love sending people away to read part of the Old Testament and having them come back with their eyes wide open (it can be in a good way or a disturbed way!). Afterward I wished I had drawn her attention to a feature of that evening’s class, when I had some people read a dialogue between the Prophets Nahum and Jonah that had been written by a previous student in the class. One reward of teaching is profiting from the insights and creativity of your students. Their questions are part of that dynamic because they often make you think through issues that you would not otherwise have considered. There had been examples of that process in the class last night, too...

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