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Proper 8
Luke 9: 51- 62

Gaze on the sort of journeys we make today, on all the preparation and paraphernalia we acquire. We need tickets and passports, hotel reservations, luggage and currency. We surround ourselves with so much security, and so much comfort, and find it hard to travel light. How we moan about the restrictions on the weight of our luggage on the plane! Gaze on Jesus and his disciples: reliant on the hospitality of strangers, sleeping out in the open if necessary, determined not to rely on anything that will handicap their swiftness and entice them to stay any longer than they need. They do not relax by the pool, or linger over a three-course lunch. They are always concerned to travel on, looking ahead to the next stop, for their message is urgent and there are always more people ahead who need to hear it...

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