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The Fourth Sunday of Advent

2 Samuel 7.1–11, 16
Romans 16.25–27
Luke 1.26–38

How can we honour God? How can we show our gratitude for what he has done and promise our obedience for the future? Perhaps our offerings sometimes resemble the mauled mouse that the cat brings in and lays lovingly at our feet. You can see pride and joy in the cat’s face, the knowledge that she has brought something valuable that she herself desires and so expects us to desire too. Is that what our offerings to God are sometimes like? Certainly David is offering God something out of the fullness of his own heart. At last the Kingdom is safe and settled and David has a home. Theshepherd boy from the hills, who has lived an unpredictable and endangered life since first the Lord called him into his service is now a King, living in a proper house. No more tents and caves for him. A home no longer has to be something that you can pack up or leave behind at a moment’s notice...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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