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Christmas Day

Isaiah 62.6–12
Titus 3.4–7
Luke 2.1–20

In these verses from Isaiah there is a great sense of subdued excitement, of restlessness, of purposeful movement a little distance away, as the dawn breaks. Actually, this would probably describe almost any household with children, on a Christmas morning. In both cases, it is anticipation that causes this stifled bustle.

In Isaiah, the watchmen who have been on night shift, straining their eyes in the dark, whispering to each other about what it is they are looking for, are about to be relieved. The day shift is coming on duty, but the ones who have been there all night are finding it hard to leave. Wouldn’t it be awful if it all happened when they were asleep? Normally, watchmen live in the tension of knowing that if they do not see the slight movements of the enemy approaching, then the whole city will be in terrible danger...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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