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Matthew 25; focused on 25.14 –30

Another story about a master going away and coming back to see how the staff have been doing in his absence. Just as Jesus seems to have told several parables about farmers sowing seed (as in chapter 13), so here again, and even more in Luke’s gospel, we have a further twist on a now familiar theme. But how would Jesus’ first hearers have understood it? For Jesus’ first hearers, a story about a master and his servants, and about the servants being given responsibilities in the master’s absence, would without a doubt have been understood in terms of God and Israel. God was the master, Israel the servant; and God had left Israel with responsibilities, with tasks to perform...

Taken from Lent For Everyone – Matthew Year A by Tom Wright (2011)

Published by SPCK

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The #BigRead2011: meeting together in housegroups to read the Bible,
making use of Tom Wright's Matthew for Lent with opportunities to go
much bigger and much more creative and join in online (inter)nationally.
From quiet sitting rooms with Bibles and books, to coffee shops and
internet chatrooms across the world.

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