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Lent for Everyone
Mark Year B

...We were staying in a remote part of Scotland for a holiday. Our hosts, welcoming us, pointed out that we didn’t need a key for the door. They never locked it. The risk of intruders or burglars in that part of the world was more or less nil.

I reflected on other places we had stayed over the previous few years. In some parts of London it takes you two or three keys to get into a house – one for the tall, secure outer gate, another for the main front door, then a third for an inner door after that. Taking no chances. In some parts of the country people are building new estates, almost whole villages, which have a secure perimeter fence, and an outer gate which is staffed 24 hours a day.

Some societies and cultures have been like that, too. When we lived in Montreal, the French majority in the province of Quebec were fiercely protective of their culture – hardly surprising, being as it were a French-speaking island in the middle of a massive English-speaking continent....

Taken from Lent for Everyone Mark Year B by Tom Wright

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