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LENT HYMN MEDITATION 4 - Based on the Hymn 'Come on, my partners in distress' by Charles Wesley.

From the book 'Inextinguishable Blaze' also by Andrew Pratt - Click Here


Sometimes life is boring. We just feel as though we are going on and on with no purpose. Day follows on day and it can all seem a bit bleak. Then again, at a time of bereavement it can feel as though the world keeps on revolving and no one has noticed the grief we feel. People can be very insensitive at times. Like W.H Auden we want to cry for the clocks to be stopped, for someone to notice what has happened to us. It can make you want to scream!
When his son was dying of smallpox Charles Wesley wrote a poem which begins with a reference to Isaac in the Bible.

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Andrew Pratt (born 1948)

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