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Monologue/Reflection: A tribute to David

(We are used to hearing funeral tributes. This is an imagined one from the past.)

He was a good king!
Not necessarily a perfect man, but he was a good king.
He tried to be wise in his judgements and to be fair to everyone.
He believed in what he fought for and was determined to build a house for God.
That was the biggest disappointment of his life, the fact that he wasn’t allowed to do that.
He made mistakes – we all do – but he had the humility to acknowledge his faults when they were pointed out to him.
He had many joys in his life, but much grief too.
Yet, when you consider how he began life as a shepherd boy on the hills, he had achieved so much and he always believed that he was called and chosen by God.
He had a beautiful singing voice and could play and compose the most amazing sounds.


©Marjorie Dobson

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