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Mark For Everyone

MARK 10.1–16
Teachings on Divorce...

...In Britain during the early 1990s, from time to time a journalist would telephone a bishop or theologian to ask about divorce. It happened to me once. It’s a question every church, every member of the clergy, has to think about at some time today, especially in the Western world. A newspaper article on divorce will be widely read. Everybody knows someone who is going through, or has just gone through, the break-up of a marriage.

But of course the journalists weren’t wanting to write a piece about the church’s attitude to divorce in general. They were wanting to write about Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Once it became clear that their marriage was in real trouble the journalists never left it alone for a minute. Anyone trying to pronounce on the broader question of divorce would at once be seized on: ‘Are you then saying that Prince Charles . . .’

Taken from Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright

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