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Mark For Everyone

MARK 9.2–13
The Transfiguration...

...Science teachers never tire, so I’m told, of the moment when a child first looks into a microscope. What up until then had seemed a boring little speck of dirt can suddenly become full of pattern, colour and interest. The child will never look at things the same way again; everything now has the potential to be more than it seems.

The same thing happens elsewhere. Telescopes transform the night sky into a world of awe and power. A good actor can turn an apparently insignificant line into a profound and moving statement of beauty and truth.

Take those quite common experiences and move them up a few notches on the scale of fact and experience. The story of Jesus’ ‘transformation’ or ‘transfiguration’ describes what seems to have been an actual event, but an event in which the deepest significance of everyday reality suddenly and overwhelmingly confronted Peter, James and John...

Taken from Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright

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