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Proper 24

Job 38.1-7 [34-41]
Hebrews 5.1-10
Mark 10.35-45

‘Were you there,’ asks the old song, ‘when they crucified my Lord?’ ‘Were you there,’ the Lord enquires of Job, ‘when I laid the foundation of the earth?’ Both questions receive the answer ‘No’, but for different reasons; born too late in one case, born as a human creature in the other. Yet both questions are invitations, not simply put-downs. You need to ponder what you missed.

Of course, in Job’s case it is a put-down as well. The majestic stride through the glories of creation – stars, sea, snow, animals, birds, and finally Leviathan itself (chapter 41) – compels Job into appropriate humility...

Taken from Twelve Months of Sundays Year B by N T Wright

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