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7 Ordinary Time

Exploring the text
The aim of Mark’s Gospel is to introduce us to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. There are many ways in which we can encounter him – for example, through his calling of his followers or in the moments of great revelation at the baptism, transfiguration and crucifixion – but probably the best way to encounter Jesus in all his fullness is through his ‘everyday life’. Jesus’ everyday existence, however, is very different from our own: it is marked both by his teaching and by his miracles. It is very easy today to attempt to split Jesus’ miracles and teaching apart. Miracles are something many people today feel uncomfortable about, so we focus much more attention on Jesus’ teachings. Mark’s Gospel, however, makes this rather difficult. Unlike Matthew and Luke, Mark does not give us large blocks of Jesus’ teaching (such as the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5—7) but instead weaves it throughout the whole of the Gospel...

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