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These prayers of intercession invite the congregation to use each figure in a string of paper chain people to guide their prayers.  They pray by writing or drawing on the paper figure for those close to them, those they may not think to pray for, those whose situations they don't fully understand and for themselves.  It involves preparation, as paper chain people need to be made in advance for each person taking part.

Paper chain people prayers of intercession

Beforehand you need to have prepared a string of paper chain people for each person present. Templates can easily be found on the internet by searching for “how to make paper chain people” (and will also provide examples if you didn’t make people chain men or women as a child). Each string needs to have four people, one for each section of the prayer. Each person will also need a pen so that they can write or draw their prayers onto their paper chain.

We are going to use paper people chains to help us pray for other, the world and ourselves. After each section of the prayers we will sing [Suggestion Thuma Mina, meaning “Send me Lord”]. Lets start by singing it now.

Taking the first person on your paper chain, pray for those close to you. You may want to draw or write on the person as part of your prayers.
Lord, may your love be known


The words of Thuma mina come from the vocabulary of the Xhosa tribe.
Pronounced 'too-ma mee-na'. Thuma mina can be found in ‘Singing The Faith’ No: 782


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