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Peter looks at sinking Matthew 14:22-33

Looking back there have been so many times when I’ve been sinking – drowning in my own foolishness and stupidity that to do it in actual water was the least of my problems.

The examples aren’t exactly difficult to find are they? It’s like having an endlessly embarrassing record of your worst ever days pasted up for all the world to see.

There was the Transfiguration – ‘Let’s make three tents’ I said - as if that was going to help keep hold of the experience. Then there was the Temple courtyard when I denied even knowing Jesus three times. Oh yes, it’s always Peter, out of his depth Peter. I’m the one who is always opening his mouth and putting his foot in it or speaking up when everybody else is quiet, or rushing in like a bull – all hot-headed temper and little else.

I’ve always felt that I was out of my depth. Always wanting to show that I understood and never quite getting there - always wanting to prove that my faith, my belief was stronger, better than anybody else’s. It became a sort of competition. I was so desperate to get it right, so eager for Jesus to approve of me. I wanted so much to show that I was the disciple who got it – who had grasped what all of this was about. And I sank.


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