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Proper 2

Jeremiah 17.5–10
1 Corinthians 15.12–20
Luke 6.17–26

Blessings and woes: the upside-down world of the gospel, addressing, as Jeremiah had done, the heart’s self-deceptions, and allowing YHWH to test the mind and search the heart.

The woes read like a list of contemporary media-starring role models. The rich: well, obviously. Those who are filled: if not rich, at least their next meal is assured, probably larger than they actually need. Those who laugh: the careless amusement of those for whom the world is not really a tragedy, merely a joke. Those praised by all: the day I write these words, another Honours List is published, giving welcome recognition to some unsung heroes and heroines, but mostly adding one more trophy to already glittering names...

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