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Restoring the twelve
Acts 1.15-26

The older I get, the more I dislike trying to follow the complicated instructions that come with new technology. I’m not what they call technophobic. On the desk where I am working there is a computer. It is linked to a cell phone which includes addresses, diary details and so on. Beside me there is an iPod containing hundreds of hours of music. On another desk there is a microphone connecting me to radio stations, and a broadcast-quality pocket-sized voice recorder. I’ve had to learn how to use all of them, and I get there eventually. But there is always the awful moment when the new toy comes out of its box, and I stare at it in horror, realizing that I have to learn a whole new language, to figure out which complex buttons and switches do what, how to plug different cables into their proper sockets, and so on. At times like that the written instructions had better be good. I’m in uncharted territory and I need someone to hold my hand...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 1 by Tom Wright

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