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New Words for New News
Acts 2. 5-13

‘These men are all Galileans, aren’t they?’ they said. 8‘So how is it that each of us can hear them in our own mother tongues? 9There are Parthians here, and Medians, Elamites, people from Mesopotamia, Judaea, Cappadocia, Pontus, Asia, 10Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya that belong to Cyrene; there are people from Rome, 11proselytes as well as Jews; there are Cretans and Arabs. We can hear them telling us about the powerful things God has done – in our own languages!’
12Everyone was astonished and perplexed. ‘What does it all mean?’ they were asking each other. 13But some sneered. ‘They’re full of new wine!’ they said...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 1 by Tom Wright

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