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The Snake on Malta
Acts 28.1-10

It was only when I got back from the walk that I realized I was foolish not to have taken a stick. The hills up by the Scottish border, where I was walking by myself, were known to have plenty of adders, and the fact that the previous year they had been closed off to walkers because of the foot-and-mouth disease meant, so I had been told, that all kinds of wildlife had been having a wonderful time, an entire year without being disturbed by humans. I had just grabbed the chance of an odd day off, put on my boots, and gone up into the wild, tramping through long grass where there used to be footpaths. Only when I was right back at the car, four hours or so later, did I think: I might have been like Paul on Malta. Without a stick I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do. And it wouldn’t be fair to expect Acts 28 to help me out...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 2 by Tom Wright

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