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The Teacher’s vindication The Resurrection, Matthew 28

This atmosphere of supernatural intervention openly visible to all continues into Matthew’s resurrection account, as does his desire to tie up the loose ends and explain the difficulties. While Mark ends with a characteristically enigmatic empty tomb, a strange young man, frightened women who say nothing, and no appearance of Jesus, Matthew again has a supernatural earthquake witnessed openly by soldiers (28.2–4), women who run off to tell others (28.8) and who see Jesus (28.9–10), the explanation about the tomb and the guards (28.11–15), and a final mountain scene (28.16–20). It is a carefully crafted chapter, with the typical three scenes arranged to balance believers (vv. 1–10), opponents (vv. 11– 15), and believers (vv. 16–20). The gospel which began with angels, mountains, and Gentiles coming to Israel, now ends with angels and a mountain where the new Israel is sent to the Gentiles…

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