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Triumph, Tears and Talents
Bible Ref: Matthew 21-26; Mark 11-14; Luke 19-22; John 11&12

Each of the following sketches (scenes) can be used to form the basis for a complete act of worship or used as individual scenes on separate occasions. Each scene will require a narrator to read the linking text as well as the characters in the scene itself.

List of scenes:
Psalm Sunday - The Disciples Fetch a Donkey
The Triumphant Entry
The Pharisees Complain
Jesus Weeps for Jerusalem
Jesus Curses the Fig Tree
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
The Fig Tree Withered
Some Greeks Come Looking for Jesus
The Pharisees Question Jesus's Authority
The Parable of the Two Sons
The Evil Tenants
The False Witness – The Plot to Kill Jesus
The Great Banquet (2)
The Question about Paying Taxes
The Greatest Commandment
The Poor Widow's Expensive Offering
The Destruction of the Temple
The End of the World
The Parable of the Talents
The Sheep and the Goats
Judas Offers to Betray Jesus 

The End of the World

They went up to the Mount of Olives and sat down. Peter, Andrew, James and John took Jesus to one side.

Peter: Lord, tell us about the future, when is all that destruction going to happen? At the end of the world? Is that soon?

Jesus: Be careful – lots of people will claim to be the Messiah. Many will come along and say look, there’s the Saviour, or here’s the man with all the answers. Don’t believe them. People will rush to the desert, or congregate in lonely places, don’t follow them, it’s a hoax. At night when you’re alone in the wilderness you may think you hear many lions roar – but when you really hear a lion – then you know it. Don’t be taken in by those who would claim divine rights. There will be wars and rumours of conflict, revolutions and stories of the end. But before the end really comes there will be great upheaval - earthquakes, famines, diseases, epidemics. Nations and kingdoms will rise up and slaughter one another, and there will be dramatic signs from heaven. But even these are just the first birth pains of the new world that is to come.

Peter: It sounds bad, Lord.

Jesus: It will be hard. You will be handed over to the local authorities, beaten, imprisoned, murdered. Some of you will stand before great leaders, many will die in unknown obscurity, but every one who loses their life for my sake will find it. And remember - blessed are you when you are persecuted because of me. And when they bring you before the courts and the nations’ leaders – don’t worry about your defence, God’s spirit will speak through you, and no one will be able to contradict you, in fact many will wonder at your words, and some will come to believe because of your testimony. Families will fall apart, and children will rebel. All people will hate you because of me, but don’t fear, not a hair on your head will perish without my Father’s say so, and those who stand firm to the end will receive eternal life.  

Peter: And when will all this be?

Jesus: Only when everyone has heard about me, only when every nation has the chance to hear.



Permission is hereby given for this material to be performed before a live non-paying audience or for any non-profit or charitable occasion.  This sketch may be printed by the purchaser for use by amateurs within their organisation only on condition that such copies are not given, lent or sold to any other organisation or individual. Reproduction or transmission in any form or by any means other than stated above is forbidden without written permission from the publisher: Active Media Publishing Ltd, 71 Lowther Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 3LN  Tel: 01582 603413 


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