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The God of All Comfort

The weekend I began work on this book was the weekend when Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother died. She had become a unique British institution. She was 101 years old, one of the few people ever to live in three centuries.

The message was flashed around the world in news bulletins. The Queen Mother had been a familiar figure to millions, and had won the affection, admiration and love of people around
the world, not least through the comfort she brought to thousands who lost homes, loved ones and livelihoods during the Second World War.

Now it was the turn of her own family to feel the loss, and they felt it keenly. The television showed pictures of them getting together to comfort one another. And the weekend when it all happened was the weekend of Easter. The Queen Mother died on Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Day, the day when the church quietly and sorrowfully remembers Jesus lying in his tomb. It is an extraordinary moment, poised between sorrow and comfort...

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