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Blessings on the Sovereign God
Ephesians 1.1-3

The most successful tourist attraction to appear in London in recent years is the ‘London Eye’. From a distance it looks like a giant Ferris wheel, but this is no fun-fair ride. For a start, it’s far, far bigger: it rises to 450 feet above the River Thames. Its 32 capsules can each hold 20 people, and it takes them half an hour to rotate the full circle. Plenty of time to have a wonderful view of all central London, with its historic buildings and palaces, its cathedrals and abbeys, its parks and gardens, with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the foreground. The London Eye is, in fact, not only a wonderful sight in itself, visible from many points in the capital. It is the place from which you can get the best possible view of London. To do any better, you’d have to go up in an aeroplane, and indeed it is operated and run by one of the airline companies...

Taken from Paul for Everyone – The Prison Letters by Tom Wright

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