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God’s Light and Our Darkness
1 John 1. 5-2.2

Elizabeth faced a difficult choice. She had moved into her new home a few weeks before, and her parents, who had been overjoyed when she got the new job and so could set up on her own, had been determined to do something special for her. They had bought a wonderful period armchair, of a sort they knew she admired, and had had it covered in exactly the right material to go in her new living room. They were glad to have done it; she was delighted to have it.

But then, the day before they were due to visit, disaster struck. Elizabeth and some friends were sorting out some books and pictures, when suddenly . . . nobody knew quite how it happened, but a mug of hot, strong coffee found itself spilled right across the new chair. They scrubbed and wiped and did all they could, but the ugly stain was there, plain for all to see. She knew her parents would be devastated, as she herself was. What should she do?...

Taken from Early Christian Letters For Everyone by Tom Wright

Publisher: SPCK - view more
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