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What Faith Really Means
Hebrews 11.1-6

I had thought we were alone on the hillside. It had been misty for some of our walk, and at other times sharp little squalls of rain had spat in our faces. But we had kept going, knowing there would be some difficult climbing later on (a rocky crag, likely to be icy at this time of year) but hoping we could get through.

We reached a small plateau, and as we did so the sky cleared for a moment. As we looked around, we noticed quite a large party some way ahead of us. They must have been going at least a couple of hours longer than us, since they had already come to the difficult bit, and appeared to have negotiated it successfully. In fact, the last in the line were near the top of the crag, their red jackets standing out against the snow and ice...

Taken from Hebrews for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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