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The Word Made Flesh
John 1.1-18

‘It’s on the right just beyond the end of the village,’ my friend had said. ‘You’ll see where to turn – it’s got the name on the gate.’ It sounded straightforward. Here was the village. I drove slowly past the pretty cottages, the small shops and the old church.

To begin with, I thought I must have misheard him. There didn’t seem to be any houses just outside the village. But then I came to the gateway. Tall stone pillars, overhanging trees and an old wooden sign with the right name on it. Inside, a wide gravel drive stretching away, round a corner out of sight. There were daffodils on the grass verge either side, in front of the thick rhododendron bushes.

I turned in to the driveway. He never told me he lived somewhere like this! I drove round the corner; then round another corner, with more daffodils and bushes. Then, as I came round a final bend, I gasped...

Taken from John for Everyone – by Tom Wright

Publisher: SPCK - view more
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