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Jesus and John the Baptist
Matthew 11.1-6

We had rehearsed the show for weeks, and reckoned we had it pretty well sorted out. We were a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs, but we were quite pleased with our singing, acting and dancing. The show was going to be good, funny and exciting. People would love it. And they did.

But in the last performance, the star of the show had a new idea. He didn’t tell anyone. He simply, at a crucial moment, did the opposite of what we’d rehearsed. He had realized we were in danger of getting stale, and knew that if he shocked us on stage our reactions would be all the better. He was right. We all jumped like startled rabbits, just as if we’d been practicing the move for ages. The audience loved it. We all responded, and the performance became electric. It wasn’t what we’d expected, but it was better than we’d dared to hope...

Taken from Matthew for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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