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The First Exodus
1 Corinthians 10.1-5

As you drive on the main road through central Northumberland, between Newcastle upon Tyne and the Scottish border, you see frequent signs saying things like ‘150 Accidents Last Year On This Road,’ and ‘Number of Speeding Fines Last Month: 37’. The message is clear: think about what happened last time – last year, last month, whenever – and make sure you don’t become part of the next lot of statistics yourself.

Paul isn’t concerned with statistics, but he is very concerned with history repeating itself. One of his main aims throughout this letter, coming to a climax in chapter 15, is to get the Corinthians to realize where they are on God’s timetable. They are like actors who have blundered on to stage in the middle of a performance and don’t even know which act they’re in. They need to discover what’s happened so far, how the plot is working out, and how the people who played these characters in previous acts managed to get things wrong...

Taken from Paul 1 Corinthians for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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