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Paul’s First Visit to Peter
Galatians 1.18-24

A few years ago in England a strange advertisement appeared on large billboards. Without explanation, it simply said, ‘IT IS. ARE YOU?’

It was, of course, designed to tease, so that when the answer was revealed a few weeks later everyone had been thinking about it. It was, in fact, a brand new newspaper: the Independent. At the time the advertisement felt like a cheap stunt; but it obviously worked, because I can remember it several years later, and the newspaper continues to flourish. It has become, remarkably, a fourth alongside the previous ‘big three’, The Times, the Telegraph, and the Guardian. Whether it ever was, or is now, actually independent of the different parties and pressure groups in British public life, I am not qualified to say. But there was something magic, something fresh, about the idea of a new voice appearing in the public arena, a voice which wasn’t simply going to say what other people, the same boring old power-brokers, had told it to say. We may guess that the other three found it, to say the least, a threat. Whose readers was it stealing?...

Taken from Paul for Everyone Galatians and Thessalonians – by Tom Wright

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