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When the Law Arrived: Sinai Looks Back to the Fall
ROMANS 7.7-12

The house was quiet when the workmen arrived, and when someone came to the door they assumed it was the owner himself. They had come to install a new alarm system on the doors and windows. The owner had been anxious about burglaries, following a spate of break-ins in the neighbourhood, and had called the company to come and set up a better system than his present one.

But the owner was ill on the day the work was to be done, and he had called a neighbour to answer the door while he was out of action. The neighbour went round the house with the workmen, and learned exactly how the alarm system worked. Which gave him an idea . . . and of course put him in an ideal position to burgle the house himself. There was nothing wrong with the alarm system. Indeed, it was excellent. But it put the idea in the neighbour’s mind, and enabled him to bring it off...
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