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Explore past, present and future in a multisensory way.

Touchy feely stations

These three stations were created for a workshop for deaf and partially-hearing people on signing in worship.

Place a tray of sand on the floor, with a brush to erase the handprints.
Think about something you regret in the past, something you want to say sorry for…
Jesus walked on the sand, leaving real footprints behind…

Make a handprint in the sand.
Imagine the sea rushing in and erasing all traces of your handprint.
Wipe it out, as a sign of forgiveness.

Place rough clay figures round a central candle, and have enough pieces of raw clay for each person.
Take a piece of clay, shape it in your hands.
The Bible says God made us from clay and breathed life into us,

Make a figure of yourself, place it around the candle, which signifies God.
Do you feel close to God or far away at the moment.

Have a font, or another large bowl full of water where it is easily accessible...


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