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Palm Sunday - Year A (Liturgy of the Passion)

Isaiah 50.4–9a
Philippians 2.5–11
Matthew 26.14—27.66

C. S. Lewis, writing as a literary critic, proposed a test for good writing: how often does it deserve to be read? Cheap magazine stories come at the bottom (once you know what happens, you don’t read them again), and the great novels and plays near the top (I once knew an octogenarian who read through Shakespeare every year). Thus measured, the passion narratives score highly. The action is swift, the dialogue terse and pregnant. A dozen brilliant human cameos: Jesus and Judas; Peter; Caiaphas; Pilate (and his wife); Barabbas...

Taken from Twelve Months of Sundays Year A by N T Wright

Published by SPCK

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