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When, What and How?
Acts 1.6-8

‘Are we nearly there yet?’
Any parent who has been on a car journey with small children will know the question – and the tone of voice in which it’s usually asked. Sometimes the child is so eager (or so bored), so quickly, that the question gets asked before you have even left your own street.

And of course it all depends what you mean by ‘nearly’. If I drive from my home in the north of England all the way to London, I could reasonably say that I was ‘nearly’ there when we had got to within an hour of the capital. But if I am driving from my home to the town where my parents live, which takes about an hour, I would only say I was ‘nearly’ there when I was a few minutes away. It’s all relative...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 1 by Tom Wright

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