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You heal!

author: John Birch
contributor: John Birch


Prayers for healing and wholeness in our lives, and a reminder that healing is more than just a cure for the particular illness that affects us now; it affects body, mind and spirit - it's about knowing peace and assurance in our lives, despite the situation we find ourselves in at the present moment.

Prayers for healing
At the dawning of this new day
let it begin with you,
our Saviour and redeemer.
In our weakness
be our strength.
In our stumbling
be our guide.
In our brokenness
be our healing.
In our darkness
be our light,
at the dawning of this  
and every new day.
At the closing of this new day,
let it end with you,  
our life and our Salvation.


This PDF contains more prayers on this theme

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