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author: Paul Glass
contributor: Paul Glass


Zacchaeus shares his memories

Okay - let’s get this over and done with right at the very beginning. I’m small - alright?
Of limited stature, short. I get it. I’ve been that way since I was a child.
‘Your Zacchaeus, he’s a bit well…small isn’t he?’
That’s what mum’s friends would say whenever they came round for a cuppa.
‘My Ben, he’s growing so fast - I can’t tell you - I buy him one set of shoes and then…’

Mum would gather herself up into the biggest bundle she could (which wasn’t very large),
fold her arms, screw up her features and say,
‘He’s about to go through a growth spurt, the doctors say so.’
Though I never did. I just remained small.

Which is okay except I live in a world that seems as though it was made for tall people.
‘Get those papers down from that shelf can you Zacc?’ Oh no - I’m sorry - you can’t can you?
I’ll do it.’ Cue the sniggering and the snorting and the stretching to full height to underline how tiny I really am.


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