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Hear the courteous word of grace‚
all you people in this place:
“Let your inner conflicts cease:
God forgives you. Be at peace.”

And the turmoil all around‚
where mistrust and hate abound?
If forgiveness there should flow‚
peace would flourish‚ hope would grow;

Enemy transformed to friend
then would work for wars to end;
nations‚ in contrition‚ would
join to seek the common good.

Verses 4-6 follow

Words: Copyright‚ ©‚ 2006‚ Norman J Goreham
Used by permission
CCLI Song Number 4846664

7 7.7 7. Suggested tunes: Innocents or Monkland or Orientis Partibus
“God forgives you. Be at peace” is one form taken by the Absolution in the liturgy. The Absolution is sometimes known as “the word of grace”.
First published in Tirabassi, Maren & Kathy Wonson Eddy (eds): Gifts in Open Hands: More Worship Resources for the Global Community (Cleveland, The Pilgrim Press, 2011)




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