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The Second Sunday Before Lent - Year A

Genesis 1.1—2.3
Romans 8.18–25
Matthew 6.25–34

The project was all set up and ready to go. Creation was more like a perfect studio than a finished painting; everything was there, paints,
canvas, artist, and all. It had its own inbuilt rhythm and drama, its own sources and signs of life: notice the emphasis on the seed in vv. 11–12, and on the command to be fruitful in vv. 22, 28. Paradise it may have been, but it was just the start, the opening scene of the play. Part of it seems play in a different sense. What sort of a skittish God makes giraffes and chilli peppers, sun and...

Taken from Twelve Months of Sundays Year A by N T Wright

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