The Crowd Gatherer breaks the law by speaking to a woman who remembers different old wine stories. He asks her to draw him water from the communal well and when she expresses her surprise he tells her that he could give her water that would refresh her over and over again . They talk about her life and how she has been passed between men. She’s astonished by how well the Crowd Gatherer already seems to know her. They talk about their different traditions and beliefs. He tells her that Iam isn’t tied by such things, but rather looks for people who truly love him. She tells him that Iam’s child is coming and that he’ll tell people everything. He tells her that he’s already there and talking to her by the well.

Duration 5:40

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Passionate Angel  4:40
Does It Matter To You  3:45
Sorry For The Distance  4:34
My Loved One Had a Vineyard  4:07
Show Me The Money  2:11
Wanna Run Away  4:37
Pigs Might Fly  3:40
Rock A Bye Baby  4:49
Heal Me  3:41
Let Me Sleep Forever  2:29
If You Wanna Find Heaven  3:15

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