When the Crowd Gatherer returns from the Wildlands he hears of the arrest of his cousin Yochanan and he runs to the Northern Territories. There was an Old Wine Story that said there would be a beacon of light that would shine for the people in the Northern Territories who lived under a great shadow. The Crowd Gatherer begins to tell people that the Realm is already here; that they need to change the way they think.

Duration 4:37

Other Tracks from 'Songs from Applecart Album'
Passionate Angel  4:40
Does It Matter To You  3:45
Sorry For The Distance  4:34
My Loved One Had a Vineyard  4:07
Show Me The Money  2:11
Pigs Might Fly  3:40
Make Me Well  5:40
Rock A Bye Baby  4:49
Heal Me  3:41
Let Me Sleep Forever  2:29
If You Wanna Find Heaven  3:15

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