The Crowd Gatherer walks through the Walled City. He isn’t going to stop until he sees that a man has climbed a tree to see him. The Crowd Gatherer knows the man to be a collaborator with the Great Invader, but still he goes to the man’s home for a meal. The collaborator promises he will defy the Great Invader and make amends to the people. Outside the crowd are angry because the Crowd Gatherer has spurned their city and eaten with a known collaborator, but the Crowd Gatherer rebukes them and reminds them that the collaborator is just as much a child of the ancients as they are. He tells them that Humanity’s Child is here to track down anyone who thinks they’re distant, and with them to begin the journey home.

Duration 4:49

Other Tracks from 'Songs from Applecart Album'
Passionate Angel  4:40
Does It Matter To You  3:45
Sorry For The Distance  4:34
My Loved One Had a Vineyard  4:07
Show Me The Money  2:11
Wanna Run Away  4:37
Pigs Might Fly  3:40
Make Me Well  5:40
Heal Me  3:41
Let Me Sleep Forever  2:29
If You Wanna Find Heaven  3:15

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