The Crowd Gatherer comes across a man who has been possessed by Press Gangers. In the past the towns folk had attempted to restrain him with chains and shackles, but now he roams the graveyard howling and self-harming. When the man sees the Crowd Gatherer he runs to him and shouts at him, ‘What are you going to do to me, Safety, Iam Child? Don’t torture me for Iam’s sake!’ The Crowd Gatherer asks the Press Gangers name and the Press Ganger says, ‘I’m a whole army! Don’t send me out of the country, let me run into that battalion of filthy pigs!’ So the Press Gangers left the man and took over the two thousand pigs and ran them into the sea where they drowned. The pig owners ran into the town and told everyone what had happened. The Townsfolk came and asked the Crowd Gatherer to leave the town. The man who’d been possessed asked to go with him, but the Crowd Gatherer told him to stay in the town and tell everyone what Iam had done for him.

Duration 3:40

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Rock A Bye Baby  4:49
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Let Me Sleep Forever  2:29
If You Wanna Find Heaven  3:15

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