The Crowd Gather has entered the City of Peace with the crowds cheering and waving branches. Even though he knows that they will have him killed, he has challenged the Religious Weights and the Gerblers of the Law, accusing them of holding, power, money and land more dear than the Iam. He predicts the fall of the temple and tells of the impending persecution of the people of the Disputed Lands. After a meal with the Echoes of the Ancient Clans he goes into an olive garden and asks those who walk with him the closest to keep watch while he spends the night talking with Iam.

Duration 4:40

Other Tracks from 'Songs from Applecart Album'
Does It Matter To You  3:45
Sorry For The Distance  4:34
My Loved One Had a Vineyard  4:07
Show Me The Money  2:11
Wanna Run Away  4:37
Pigs Might Fly  3:40
Make Me Well  5:40
Rock A Bye Baby  4:49
Heal Me  3:41
Let Me Sleep Forever  2:29
If You Wanna Find Heaven  3:15

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