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Abraham joins God’s mission

Props: Beard, Jewelry or feather duster, Playstation controller or equivalent, a walking stick

Cast: (4) Abraham, Abraham’s wife, Abraham’s Father and Abraham’s nephew (Lot)

This assembly is about travelling to new places.

How do you feel when you have to go somewhere new? Do you remember starting school? I think all of you will be moving to new classes in September. You older ones are getting ready for junior school.

Well, the Bible has a story about someone who had to go somewhere new.

It’s in the first book of the Bible, called Genesis, which means beginning.

I need four volunteers. I want the rest of you to close your eyes.

Imagine you’re far away from <name of your town> – in a different country with hot weather and dusty streets.

A man called Abraham was asked by God to leave his home and move to another country, which was a new beginning for him. (give beard)

Abraham lived in a large city, where people dressed in fine clothes and had protection from the sun. Abraham had a wife (feather duster), a father (stick) and a nephew (play station). (give all tea towels) Now open your eyes.

This city had many temples, and the people had many gods. In Babylonia, studying the stars was really popular. The people thought that the stars were some kind of gods, who were responsible for what happened on earth.

So you can imagine what his family thought when he told them that an invisible god had just spoken to him. Not an idol or an object. He just heard a voice. They thought he was mad.

‘Tell me again’, said his Dad, ‘which god spoke to you?’

‘The only one!’, replied Abraham, ‘don’t ask me how I know, I just do. All the other gods we made. This one made the whole world including us. I’m sure of it.’

Then his Dad asked: ‘what did this god tell you?’

Abraham replied, ‘He said I needed to leave this city and go where he wanted me. He said he would make my name famous and my family would become a great nation.’

‘Your family?’, replied his Dad, ‘you have no children!’

Abraham was married but only had a nephew, who he treated like a son. His name was a bit strange. He was called Lot and he worked for Abraham’s business.

Lot was listening to the conversation and thought to himself: ‘What? Leave our business, our possessions and our city?’

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