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All-age, children’s section: In Christ we have an inheritance

Beg, borrow, or use a Russian doll – those rounded wooden shaped ones that look like one doll, but have several decreasing sizes of similar dolls inside.
The one I used had five, the smallest being about 1½/2 inches high.

Display the doll complete and ask a child to come forward and take it apart, putting together and displaying each doll as this is done.

When the five dolls are in line, ask the child. ‘Which one are you?’

Depending on the child’s age, you’ll probably find that this is the smallest, or the next sized doll.

Using the smallest doll (explaining, if necessary, that we are all very small in relation to the rest of the world), identify it as representing each person in the church.

The second doll represents the human family – those closest to each of us.


Marjorie Dobson

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