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Drama/monologue: Peter’s mother-in-law

(the introduction is in the style of that unique old comedian, Rob Wilton – for those old enough to remember him! Anyone who doesn’t may simply omit the first eight words of this piece! It is written with a Northern accent in mind – Jesus and Peter both being from the North of their country – but in order that others may fully understand it there are very few dialect words, and any competent reader/actor can use their own local voice, if they wish.)

My wife’s mother said to me,
she said,
‘Eeh, lad, I do like that new young friend of yours. He’s lovely.
I’d nearly had it, you know – tossing and turning and burning up with fever.
I was on my death-bed. I could feel myself going.
There was loads of folk around me and most of them were crying and moaning, so I knew the end must be very close.
And you do get some funny thoughts when that’s happening..
I kept wondering whether there’d be enough to feed all the folks at the funeral and whether they’d all be happy with fish.


©Marjorie Dobson

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