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Monologue: Jesus and Herod

I love me. No, don't get me wrong. I know you can see me!
And I see myself in the mirror...each morning. Seeing me waking up is not a pretty sight!
I'm not always proud of what I say or do.
I have my regrets, oh yes. knew there'd be a but, but, I value me.

Humour me a moment. I'm trying to work out how to put this.
I'm not selfish. But, well, let me explain.
I thought I was pretty generous, open, caring. I give to charity. Try to help my friends.
It's just when I read that story about Jesus, about him going about doing good, curing people, casting out demons, well...


Andrew Pratt (born 1948)

Words © 7/2/2013 Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,

Please include any reproduction for local church and school use on your CCL Licence returns. All wider and any commercial use requires prior application to Stainer & Bell Ltd.

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